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Shashank Thada




SHASHANK THADA A Dazzling Diamond with Myriad Musical Facets In an age when ghazal singing is more a prerogative of the older generation, Shashank Thada, an erstwhile child prodigy from Bhopal, India, is today, a bright star on the horizon of the ghazal lovers the world over. Shashank’s velvet voice and innocent face are evocative of the halcyon days of ghazal singing when stalwarts like Mehadi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh held music lovers across the world in thrall, cutting across all barriers of race, caste, creed and nationality. Shashank received his early formal training in Hindustani Classical Music from Shri DK Sinha, the well known music composer from Guwahati. He subsequently received advanced training in Classical Music under the able tutelage of the Gundecha Brothers of Dhrupad fame. Currently, Shashank is honing his skills in Classical Music with special emphasis on Ghazal Singing under the aegis of Prof. (Dr) Roshan Bharati of Senia Gharana. Shashank has rendered several stage performances under the concept " Aman aur Pyar ke Liye Shahar-dar-Shahar Ghazal". With his mastery over all the aspects of music at such a young age, Shashank is indeed a prodigy and a maestro-in-the-making.

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