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Some questions that hover in the mind while looking for a house to buy at Ghana are- How much should it cost? What should it look like? How big should it be? What things will make it the most comfortable stay? And more other related questions. You must consider the fact that though real estate prices are booming, house construction companies should cater to all sections of society looking after the needs of mediocre and low purchasing power groups as well as the affluent ones. Following are some things to ponder over while making sure that you make the best choice while searching for the best house at Ghana:

1. The design plan

What kind of house are you looking for? Do you want a modest two bedroom apartment with a nice living room? Or you want a spacious private duplex home with vast living area with gardens? It’s normal to get swayed by exquisite options, but you must consider what you need rather than what you want. Always keep your budget in mind while choosing a house. If you are a couple, then it’s okay for you to settle for a cosy apartment but if you have an extended family, you might consider bigger options.

2. Parking allotment

Now, you should always opt for an apartment or house with a parking space even if you don’t own a car. You never know if you might need one in future and if you don’t have parking provisions, it might cause trouble for you later. You can talk to your architecture about optimal planning of a parking space around your house.

3. Beautification using landscapes

Your surrounding environment of your house should be ambient and appealing. Architectural planners take this aspect while putting down a layout plan. The presence of gardens, trees, light and fountains can create a pleasant habitat.

4. Drainage

A good architecture will put ahead the basic necessities in the forefront. This places drainage requirements at the top of the agenda. A good sewer and pipelines need to be worked upon as faulty pipe fittings can cause water logging, leakages and damping of walls. Make sure that your architect has well planned system of sewerage and pipelines that are efficient.

5. Fencing and security measures

What is most important while you are staying at your house or are spending some time away from home is the security measure taken up for your house. You should see that your house planners have taken ample measures to ensure your safety. This

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