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City Car Rental Reynosa

City Car Rental Reynosa
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Blvd. Morelos 1111, Rodríguez, 88631 Reynosa, Tamps.
Phone No: +529989800608
[email protected]
Locality: Ali Vihar
Hours of Operation:: MON-SUN 06:30-18:00
Payment Type: Credit Card, PayPal
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Business Description
City Car Rental Reynosa is one of the top car rental agencies due to its vast catalogue of vehicles available for rental. With various establishments and branches all over Mexico, and their top notch customer service, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a car for rent when visiting Reynosa.

City Car Rental Reynosa makes sure all of their cars available are functioning smoothly by doing periodical check ups, cleaning and maintenance, thus ensuring safety for their passengers and complying with the required health and safety regulations to make sure everything works out well during the lease period.

Blvd. Morelos 1111, Rodríguez, 88631 Reynosa, Tamps.


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