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Dr T S Kler Cardiologist

Dr T S Kler Cardiologist
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Fortis Escorts Hospital Press Enclave Marg, Phase II, Sheikh Sarai,
Phone No: +91-9370586696
Locality: Sheikh Sarai Phase II
Hours of Operation:: 24/7 open
Payment Type: cash, card, cheque, online transfer
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Business Description
A healthy heart is essential to a long and healthy lifestyle. Interventional cardiology is a non- surgical option which makes use of a catheter – a small, bendy tube – to repair damaged or weakened vessels, narrowed arteries, or other affected elements of the heart structure. Dr T S Kler cardiologist Fortis Escorts Delhi is improving the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease through minimally invasive treatment options known as interventional procedures. He performs approximately 3,000 interventions per year. Patient can get in touch with him at Dr T S Kler Contact Number:  +91-9370586696. India cardiac surgery service understands that every overseas patient has different needs and our dedicated team is here to ensure personalized guidance throughout their treatment & stay in India.

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