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Delhi, Inida
Phone No: 9210031332
Hours of Operation:: 9Am - 10 Pm
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Business Description
Pichvai Tradition and Beyond is a platform conceptualized by Pooja Singhal to sustain, preserve and revive the tradition of pichvai painting that dates back to the 17th century. A third generation entrepreneur from Udaipur, Pooja works with artists towards revitalizing and further innovating this art form in the contemporary context. A pichvai is a meticulously detailed, hand-painted textile traditionally hung behind the idol of Shrinathji, an incarnation of the Hindu god Krishna. Worshipped by the Vaishnavite sub-sect of the Pushtimargis, the temple town of Nathdwara in Udaipur, Rajasthan, is home to the main shrine which is revered and visited by devotees.

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