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No. 15, 4th floor, Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar
Phone No: 6283668836
Directions: No. 15, 4th floor, Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar
Locality: Mayur Vihar
Hours of Operation:: 9:30am - 6:30pm
Closed: sunday
Payment Type: cash,mastercard,online,cheque
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Business Description
Check Time is a powerful tool in managing your employee’s attendance real time.

Our Attendance processing is effective and it’s real-time.  Attendance Management Software captures Attendance data in real time, from bio-metric sources. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs. Create any number of leave types Annual leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc. Create your own holiday list.

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