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Posted on Wed 17 Nov 2010

We bought a puppy from Tegha Kennel paying EXTRA for a Certificate from the Royal Kennel Club of India. The puppy given by them did not seem well at all and had to be taken to a Vet within hours. He was diagnosed to be in the advanced stages of 'Distemper' a potentially fatal disease. The owner of the kennel refused to acknowledge his mistake and stopped picking up the phone. The certificate has still not been issued.
Posted on Fri 28 Jan 2011

I think they are the worst in Country...For them, poor pets are only their business...just money minded ppl...
Biggest Frauds I have ever come across....
  Tanya S
Tegha Kennel is the Best Kennel in India
Posted on Mon 31 Jan 2011

its give very good quality puppy and pure breed dog last month back i bought a Dog puppy which breed is labrador .first is this give me pure breed with registered certificate with very lowest price only in Rs 3500 male puppy . my vet docter says its very good quality pupy . am very glad with tegha kennel service.

please dog lover dont go for FAKE SPAM :)
Great Service am regular customer of this concern ( buy every day food from Tegha)
Posted on Sun 10 Feb 2013

We enjoyed this Kennel a great deal. The atmosphere was warm and cozy on a cold day, and the Puppy & Kittens Quality was outstanding. Breeder & Trainers is excellent, as you would expect.
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