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Maruti Suzuki India Limited - Delhi Reviews

  nidhi G
The Perfect City Car
Posted on Thu 30 Aug 2018

I bought my Ignis car about a couple of months after it was launched. The compact dimensions and raised stance were perfect for me as I was looking for a car for my daily commute to office, which involved driving in heavy traffic sometimes. The car is easy to maneuver and the overall ride quality is great. Ignis has a turn radius of about 4.7 meters, making U-turns very easy to execute in urban areas. Bumps on the road are absorbed pretty well and even the passengers sitting at the rear don’t feel the bumps, making the ride comfortable for them. Overall, Ignis is a complete package from the manufacturer and I am pretty happy with it.

Apex Automobiles Pvt Ltd - Delhi Reviews

  Manish s
Hero extreme service in apex automobiles Pvt ltd
Posted on Fri 30 Nov 2012

I have never seen such a poor service center in my life i have already a hero honda passion bike but its a quite good but i have buy a new hero extreme bike and went for the first service it one of the worst service center of hero motocorp not only the service but also the people of this service center are not coperative and they are just making fun of the hero brand so if its goes to honour it will shame for him and these people are just loosing the brand never goes to apex try another service center of hero motocorp.

Manish sinha
very very poor serive from APEX AUTOMOBILES PVT. LTD.
Posted on Tue 23 Jul 2013

My name is sulekha rawat..
i purchased hero honda scuty from autoneed, patparganj.
jab meri first service he APEX AUTOMOBILES PVT. LTD se to dekha wo to bahut hi bakwas service karte hain parts ko kisi se baat karo to koi sunta bhi nahi hai ..lagta hai sabhi choor ke dugne rate lagate hain service charge ke saath...
wahan ka manager MR. dass bahut hi kameena insaan hai ...main bolti hun please do not serive from APEX they are totally fraud service centre...

AutoMax Honda (Showroom) - Delhi Reviews

  manoj k
Posted on Mon 6 Jun 2011

If you buy HONDA & that too from SAMARA AUTOMAX HONDA (Mayapuri – New Delhi) be prepared for the following.
1. They will show you & quote for a superior model, take all the money but deliver an inferior model & that too of a make which is 12 months old.

2. Most of the parts of your New Car will either be damaged or replaced from some other old car.

3. When you complain for the above you will be asked to bring the car to their showroom & made to go there again & again without actually doing any repair, they will completely dismantle your car & finally ask you to go to their service station.

4. At service station they have a bunch of idiots who will make all possible efforts to further damage your car (Road side mechanics are much better qualified & trained).

5. Finally the boss of the idiots will tell you that their SALES have cheated you & will ask you to speak to the owner (Leader of the gang of frauds).

6. Their owner will dodge you if you try to meet him, but will assure you that the car will be replaced & action will be taken against the sales team.

7. Owner will pass at least 15days on such fake promises.

8. After 15 days they will send you a mail that you will have to pay another 60 to 70 thousand if you want the car to be replaced.

9. If you prove that you have paid the full amount (keep all documents safely - from the quotations to payment receipts) & will not pay anything more they will offer you a repolished & dry cleaned used car with speedometer set at 0.

10. By now you will realize your mistake of buying a HONDA & that too from SAMARA AUTOMAX HONDA.

11. Next you complain against the fraud dealer to HONDA customer care over phone & email ………. They will respond after a week & promise action……. You will not get any response for next 15 mails over 15/20 days.

12. You will have to approach media (PEHREDAR (CNBC)) & when they intervene HONDA will again send you a mail assuring you of action.

13. HONDA Area Sales Manager with sales manager of SAMARA AUTOMAX HONDA will visit you & accept their mistake & will offer to repair your NEW CAR (which the idiots at SAMARA’s service station spoilt) & some free accessories to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

14. 34 mails over a period of 2 months to HONDA’s CEO & President will go unanswered.

15. Even after 2 months of follow up the dealer will tell you that RTO has still not issued a Registration Certificate.

16. You will also find that the NEW CAR is not working, due to tampering of your car by the dealer SAMARA AUTOMAX HONDA – Mayapuri New Delhi.

This was our experience for the mistake of buying HONDA JAZZ from SAMARA AUTOMAX HONDA – Mayapuri, New Delhi.

………. still suffering due to inefficiency of HONDA & dubious activity of the Dealer.

Amar Autos - Delhi Reviews

  Abhishek S
Posted on Fri 18 Feb 2011

I m not at all satisfied wid the type of service they are providing. I bought an enfield previous year and my fault was just that i havnt bought my insurance from Oriental Bank of Commerce, the company through which they have made a pact. I gave my bike to these people on 25th January 2011 and it hasnt been delivered to me till yet. i got the insurance check and according to them everything is done bt they are the biggest liars i must tell you. The person downstairs, at the workshop, Mr. Manoj is a kind of person which keeps on telling you lies and makes you to visit the workshop again and again, bt will never give you satisfactory work. He himself told me dat if i could have got my insurance from the company with which they have a pact, as in contract, then i wouldnt have suffered so much. What does dat mean is that all companies except OBC, (as my bike is insured under ICICI) are worthless. I really got fed up by talking to these people from the past 3 weeks and now i want my bike, thats it.
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