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Pizza Square - Delhi Reviews

  jenifar j
well job
Posted on Fri 30 Sep 2022

The stainless steel drum in my LG washing machine is damaged. It is slightly bent, so there is a little delay in function. It will work properly only if a new drum is installed, but a new drum is not available, so it can only be ordered. But this service has all the spare parts in hand and fitted them immediately.

Chatak Chat - Delhi Reviews

  Nikkis p
Best Fast food Restaurant
Posted on Sat 4 Sep 2021

Best Fast Food Restaurant in Tarun Bakers 65D Kamla Nagar Delhi.

Sai Kutir’s Udara - Delhi Reviews

  Geeta V
Quality Sweets
Posted on Thu 9 May 2019

I have a great experience with Sai Kutir’s Udara as they provide deliciously sweets. They have a wide variety of high-quality sweets. I always recommend this place to my friends and family.

khaugalideals - Delhi Reviews

  Rahul G
Khaugali is a group of scamsters - cheats - appropriately named "KHAO GAALI"
Posted on Fri 17 Jan 2014

They are no more than a group of scamsters with a motive to dupe bonafide customers online. Even I had ordered TGIF coupons and have not received the refund or any response on this matter.

I have no qualms that they have appropriately named the website - 'Khao' 'Gaali'

For those interested in taking the matter to consumer court can contact me on my mail ID. I would be soon filing a complaint against the website and requesting compensation from Mr. Saboo (If he is still a part of this organization)

Lions of Punjab - Delhi Reviews

lions of punjabi, Tivoli, stinks with rotten food, never visit. hair strands found in food.
Posted on Mon 8 Jul 2013

worst place to eat out is lions of punjab, its very noisy place with noises of wedding dhols and baraats, bad n rotten food is served which is for sure the leftover food from weddings of tivoli. their ac is always switched off you keep looking for waiters but there is no one to pay attention to guests and take order. never visit this place i had horrible experience as my daughter found strands of hair in her plate of biryani. ughhhhh...shit place it is we waisted our money for nothing.
Some senior manager i am forgetting the name i think name is murid is very bad mannered and staff very impolite. They take several hours in bringing food and by the time it reaches your table its cold n soggy. They should close this place which serves the most pathetic punjabi food, lions of punjab in any case is a very funny name but this complements the place called tivoli. bad place, low class and cheap interiors and rude staff. never never visit lions of punjab
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