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Ardor Restaurant and Lounge - Delhi Reviews

  Kirti A
Best Restaurant
Posted on Tue 25 Sep 2018

The best part of ardor restaurant is live music, multi-cuisine food and located CP best area. Great place to hang out with friends. For liquor, popular brands are available and at a pretty decent price. Staff is very helpful and they have prompt service wonderful nature and very helpful in placing orders and helping in making food choices. One should try this place and you won't regret it

Xes Cafe - Delhi Reviews

Amazing Devine Out of this world Waala!!!
Posted on Wed 11 Jan 2012

Original portraits of singing legends from past and present in classy interiors is what greets you when you enter Xes! Quite impressive. Great lighting. However, even though it is located in Saket, the heart of the entertainment district of Delhi, right next to Select Citywalk, it is quite cutoff from the main scene of action. But the plus side being that it is located on the ground floor with ample ground level parking space.

The Highlight of this Cafe is their Food! Very Tex Mex Menu interspersed with Tandoori Platters. Their Grilled Burger and the Non Veg Tandoori Platter is a sure shot entry to the Gastronomic Hall of Fame. When I contacted their Chef, who is from UK, I was pleasantly surprised that they actually take pains to prepare their sauces and dressings in-house from fresh and authentic ingredients. Their meats are high quality and like any self respecting 5*, they have their own butchery. But then this makes them a tad expensive but still great value if you value freshness and authenticity. Thankfully is there no cocky fusion stuff. Just plain quintessential recipes with original ingredients. What this means is that they actually use UK Cheddar and yes the Fish is fried in a Beer based batter! I'm this would be music to the ears of a foodie inclined towards international cuisine.

Music and lights make the mood cozy but yet lively. Their DJ is a Livewire. He is a man on mission - to get you shaking as vigorously as possible. Everyday the music played follows some theme. So there is something for everyone - Rock n Roll to Reggae to Pop.

The crowd is civil and I suspect that is mainly due to a very sensible but at times brusque gate policy. But then in this city I guess that becomes mandatory. The land of the aggressive and pushy perhaps has lost out on the meaning of the word 'No'!

One of the few places where I saw Infused alcohol being used for some very interestingly named cocktails! Their "Afridisiac" actually uses chocolate as the base. Great cocktail to get the adrenaline rushing;)

Great place to hang out and relax with some very interesting cocktails and music. I only hope that they keep their guests informed of the current happenings and update their website!
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