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Prime ME Technical Services LLC

Prime ME Technical Services LLC
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Al Aweer International City,england cluster
Phone No: 0504591008
Locality: Al Aweer
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Business Description
Our Services

Second to none! All of Prime ME General Maintenances services are some times compiled into annual maintenance contracts, giving attention to our customers needs, our engineers will always ensure you presidential service. Below are our services and offers you the finest in home maintenance service.

Try us!! And talk to us!!! (050-5377174, 055-3575945, 055-2851785, 04-2896206, or Visit www.primeme. net)

Technical Services includes

Core Services
Preventive Work
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
Air Conditioning
Carpentry & Aluminum
Masonry Works
Cleaning & Pest Control
Garden & Pool Service
Additional Services
Other Services
Materials & Labour
Terms & Conditions
Automation Services

IT Services

Product Services
IT Consultancy
Network Solutions
Web Services
PC Repair
Software Solutions
Hardware Solutions
Internet Solutions
Email Solutions
Web Solutions
Fiber Optic Cables
Barcode and Label

For more information please contact us or submit an enquiry.

We also do...

PLC Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Panel Boards(Main/Distribution/Lighting Control/ATS)etc...
Motor Control Systems
Factory Automation
Machine Automation
Motor Control Circuits

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