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Madina Mall - Al Qusais
Phone No: +97147093000
Locality: Deira
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Business Description
While selling a used car in the UAE, the car sellers come across multiple car selling platforms. is one of the largest car selling platforms available in the UAE where car sellers can sell any used vehicle without any hassle. The company makes the car selling deal easy and there are no obligations on sellers. Moreover, if car sellers do not agree with the final price, they can simply walk away without paying for services offered by the company.
The process of selling a used car at starts with an online car valuation procedure. The car sellers have to fill an online car valuation form that requires important information about the vehicle. Similarly, car sellers can calculate the value of their vehicle through the online car value calculator available on the company’s website. If car sellers like the starting price of the vehicle, they can book an appointment with the car expert team of the company for physical inspection of the vehicle. has a number of branches across the UAE where they can come with their vehicles. The car expert team of the company completes the physical inspection of the vehicle in a short period of time and offers a final price to the sellers. If the sellers like the final price, a purchase agreement is signed between both parties that lead to the selling of the vehicle within just 30 minutes. The company takes care of the post-sale paperwork and pays its clients through electronic transfer to make the car selling deal safe.

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